quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2015

Nadine Shah anuncia novo álbum "Fast Food"

Depois do estrondoso single “Stealing Cars”, chegou a vez da britânica Nadine Shah anunciar o lançamento do seu segundo álbum, sucedendo a Love Your Mum Love Your Dad de 2013.
Dá pelo nome de Fast Food  vai ser editado a 6 de Abril via Apollo Records.
Sobre as letras deste novo trabalho, Shah diz:
"My favourite love stories are the unconventional ones. The ones that aren’t like rom-coms because those aren’t the real stories, that’s not how it actually happens. For years I had this romanticised ideal of what love would be. I thought it would be perfect and that I would always be someone’s first love but as you get older, people have been in love before. That’s a large part of what Fast Food is about, the sudden realisation that you're never going to be anybody's first love ever again."
Vejam o trailer de Fast Food e confiram a  sua tracklist em baixo:
Fast Food:
1. Fast Food 
2. Fool 
3. Matador 
4. Divided 
5. Nothing Else To Do 
6. Stealing Cars 
7. Washed Up 
8. The Gin One 
9. Big Hands 
10. Living

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