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Nadine Khouri: "My biggest motivation is connecting to people through music"

The british singer-songwriter of Lebanese origin Nadine Khouri will act in Portugal from 16 to 18 February in Porto (Maus Hábitos), Caldas da Rainha (CCC) and Sabugal (Auditório Municipal), respectively, to present her new studio record, The Salted Air , edited on the last 3 February via One Flash Records. In this new work, the artist continues to show her folk vein influenced by the dream-pop and spoken word movements, combining them with sonorities that reflect  nostalgic feelings in the listener.

Threshold Magazine (TM)  Do you consider that your solo project is a representative way to express yourself or it is just a project that’s not directly related to you?

Nadine Khouri (NK)  For this particular project, I was exploring ideas that were personal. But I do think one can make a solo project that isn’t directly related. The Salted Air reflects things I was going through and thinking about at the time.

TM – Besides being a singer and songwriter, are there other types of work / activities you find yourself involved in?

NK  At this very moment, running the label and music is taking up most hours of my day, but I would love to spend time on other projects once things settle a bit with the album. 

TM – What are your biggest motivations in the music world? Would you like your songs to reach some specific type of audience?

NK  My biggest motivation is connecting to people through music. Actually, I’m most excited by the idea that music can reach anyone, rather than cater to a specific demographic.

TM - Would you like to be part of a specific record label? If yes, which of one or which of them?

NK  Not so much these days – except that it would allow me to have more time to be creative - I really like Bella Union’s output, Secret City, City Slang, Secretly Canadian, Rough Trade Records.

TM – Do you often read some of the reviews about your work? If so, do you usually agree with what critics write? Do you consider that most of today’s critics are experienced in technical terms or not at all?

NK  To tell you the truth, they often come through me as I am the label, but at the end of the day, I made the album I wanted to make at the time. Much of the time a review reveals more about the reviewer and his tastes than the work itself. It’s nice to receive a thoughtful or positive review of course. In general, one must be careful not to let these things interfere too much with the work… I’m more interested in the listener who is connecting to the music than the critic.

TM  Chelsea Wolfe or Darkher? Lana Del Rey or Marissa Nadler?

NK  From what I’ve been listening to, Chelsea Wolfe and Marissa Nadler.

TM – We would like to know which songs do you perform most frequently and why? 

NK – I’ve been enjoying playing ‘Catapult’ and ‘You Got A Fire’ as they seem to have a life of their own. 

TM – In order to know you better as a person we would like to ask you some questions outside the musical scope. The first one is: Do you feel like we are living in a self-society? 

NK  Yes, sadly. It’s too much.

TM – The second one: Do you feel your music has evolved since you first began playing? 

NK – Yes, thankfully! 

TM – The third one: Do you put some of your personality in your songs?

NK – I don’t know if it is my personality so much as the things I’m obsessed with that come through the music... Obviously my voice is a part of me, but I think the music has its own personality that is a bit different to mine as a person.

TM – Is there anything else you would like to share from new upcoming shows in Portugal or future songs/albums?

NK – We will be performing as a 3-piece for the shows and I’m so looking forward to playing in Portugal again!

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