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STREAM: Silent Runners - The Directory [Threshold Premiere]

Silent Runners, the five piece Amesterdam based band are extremely good at making 80's-style post-punk with dark synthwave tones and deep compelling beats. The proof of this is shown through the brand-new debut album The Directory, which is out next week. Released two years after the debut EP Silent Runners (2015), The Directory consolidates the quintet as a new band to watch, from the underground scene, on a record with a production clearly superior to the EP.

After releasing the early tracks "Cavemen", "Dark Mountain", "Nobody Here" and most recently "Roadkill", Silent Runners now feature exclusively, and one week before the official release date, The Directory - a record of pretty, full-bodied synth and dark music - for full streaming. In addition to the already released singles, it is also recommended to listen to "Make It Right" - a great mesh that besides the base sound has a very deep lyrics - the powerful and dancing "Forgotten" and yet the dreamy "The Road Of Gold". You can stream it below.

The Directory is out on december, 8 in self-release format and you can pre-order it here.

The Directory Tracklist: 

1. Dark Mountain 
2. Wilderness 
3. Make It Right 
4. Drawing 
5. The Knife 
6. Forgotten 
7. Nobody Here 
8. Cavemen 
9. The Road Of Gold 
10. Roadkill 
11. The Directory

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