quarta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2018

Denis The Night & The Panic Party - "Ricky Bon Ton" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

The electro-rock/psychedelic italian band Dennis The Night & The Panic Party, continue to promote the latest studio work, Cosmic Youth, and is now moving forward with an audio-visual work for the track "Ricky Bon Ton". Described as "A parallel space made of emotional journeys between blood, sweat and tears, distortions and romance, shoegaze and stardust" this powerful trio shows now the third single in advance, a tale about metamorphosis brilliantly animated by renowned Italian animator and artist, Beatrice Pucci

The music video for "Ricky Bon Ton" draws on the cryptic and the allegorical with the depictions of a creature trapped by its strictures who can only find freedom by looking within by spinning a protective cocoon web before emerging in a state of transformed beauty to attain the imaginal state of freedom. The band will be playing at SXSW this year. The video  for "Ricky Bon Ton" can be watched below.

Cosmic Youth was released officially on march 7th, 2017. You can stream the album here.

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