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PinioL - "Pilon Bran Coucou" (single) [Threshold Premiere]

Formed by Antoine Arnera (keyboard, vocals) Boris Cassone (bass, vocals), Guilhem Meier (drums, vocals) Anthony Béard (guitar, vocals), François Mignot (guitar, vocals), Benoit Lecomte (bass, vocals) and Jean Joly (drums), PinioL is the lustful and strapping meeting of seven musicians from ​two bands ​PoiL and Ni and ​know no limitations and prohibitions​. Based in Lyon, France the group prepares to edit the debut LP, which is now announced under the name of Bran Coucou and features seven new tracks.

While not being simply categorized as either minimalism nor maximalism, PinioL lead an extreme musicality to ecstasy through their atypical rhythmic structures and angular melodies. The proof of this comes with the first single of this new record - "Pilon Bran Coucou" - where they create an intense and energetic jazzcore painted with some elements of noise and math-rock music. The track can be listened below.

Bran Coucou is out in april 20th via Dur et Doux.

Bran Coucou Tracklist:

1 - Pilon Bran Coucou
2 - Pogne 
3 - Mimolle
4 - ShôShin
5 - François 1er 
6 - Kerberos 
7 - Orbite

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