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BLYPKEN - "Sentient" (teaser) [Threshold Premiere]

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BLYPKEN is the solo project of the producer and sound designer George Stanciulescu, formerly known under the moniker of LeVant, that explores contemporary sounds and avant-garde aesthetics in what he calls "post-clubbing neurowave". After his debut release 0102:Transcend|Transfigure (The Sublunar Society, 2017) BLYPKEN is now back with a new teaser of the forthcoming release that will be premiered live as an AV show at Digital Spring Festival in Salzburg, Austria in March.

In this teaser, that precedes the spring release of a 16 minutes long experimental composition called HylemorphBLYPKEN presents us with a unique blend of images that transmits a schizophrenic aura just like the 2 minutes and 42 seconds of the entitled "Sentient". This teaser is definitively a great small sample of the unconscious sound exercise that will be Hylemorph. Just watch it below.

Hylemorph will be released at the end of March as a single track of 16 minutes, composed in different parts.

Hylemorph Cover-Art:

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