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BEAT K - "Teen" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Beat K, the new and fresh electronic project that combines drums, electronics, and synths with fast and complex beats, released in February their debut self-titled album via Riff Records, a record enriched with drum machines and colorful keyboards, beats and smooth vocals moving between sweety Dionysus worlds and winter fairytales. Their first single, "Home", came out in 2015 and was included in this debut along with seven new more songs. Beat K is the project of two people who like to be called "the beat Beatles", and the two souls are currently based in London.

In order to promote this new record, Beat K is now releasing the new music video for "Teen", a track that talks about love, youth, and melancholy. The video was directed by BodyNo and it approaches the fusion between humans and nature in a virtual path, from love to memories. They recognize Boards Of Canada as one of their favorite bands, where they drink their influences in music and music videos. You can watch the audiovisual work for "Teen" below.

Beat K LP was released on 23rd February via Riff Records.

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