segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2018

Vanished Souls - "You're not alone" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Vanished Souls (VS) released last month the new full-length eponymous album, a record that shows us their smart mixed-synthesizers with a catchy voice, harmoniously through eleven new tracks. Composed by DriX (vocals, bowed-guitar, ukulélé), Svein (guitar, piano, vocals), Fred (bass, melodica) and Yann Forléo (drums) the band started by realising an EP in 2012 and then the debut LP CiTies R real, that initiated the band's euphoric and melancholic universe. In this new record, Vanished Souls plunge us into alternative, intimist and explosive atmospheres.

Today they are presenting the music video for "You're not alone", a mystical-mood aerial track where, initially, you can see footages of their performing live that are being interspersed with an invitation to explore their mysterious world, between sweetness, power and mind travel. A sweet and delicate pleasure to listen and watch below.

Vanished Souls is out now via Frozen Records/Chancy Publishing. You can buy the record here.

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