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CLUB CACTUS - "Une Cigarette" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

CLUB CACTUS is the tribal noisy and psychedelic project of the two French drummers Anthony Laguerre (Filiamotsa, Praag, Noctura...) and Jean-Michel Pires (Bruit Noir, NLF3...) whose sonority is essentially focused on minimal compositions that eliminate the superfluity: talkative guitarists, virtuoso bassists, and organs too heavy to move. The duo is launching their debut studio album this year and today you can listen exclusively one of the tracks that make part of this new full-length, "Une Cigarette".

"Une Cigarette" is a separate piece in the album. It's actually the only song that is improvised. For this music video, the band decided to keep the same approach: A fixed shot, (by director Vincent Tournaud), dancer/choreographer Marie Cambois (who puts her voice on the piece), improvising while listening to the song. Watch it below.

CLUB CACTUS is set to be released on October, 12th under the French label Beg Rose Records.

CLUB CACTUS Tracklist:

01. Rue de Seine – G.W. Sok (The Ex) 
02. Kim – Manuel Bienvenu 
03. Burn it all – Don Niño (Prohibition, NLF3) 
04. Religion – Alexei Moon Casselle (Kill the vultures, Numbers not names) 
05. Extremophile – G.W. Sok (The Ex) 
06. Beautiful again – Benoit Burello (Bed) 
07. Club cactus 
08. Lac 
09. La culture – Pascal Bouaziz (Mendelson, Bruit noir) 
10. Une cigarette – Marie Cambois

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