sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2018

Deer - "Alive" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Deer continue to promote their latest EP, Portraits, and today they are releasing a new music video for the single "Alive" that is a story about how alive one can really feel. Through the synthesizers of Miguel Bastida and the chameleon voice of Adriana Falcón - that starts with a really melancholic and also cute beginning, then suddenly it becomes really powerful - Deer question us about thematics such as suicide, depression and the constant circle of thoughts about existence itself. The director Holly James wonders "Can an inanimate object, such as a rock, feel alive?" through the video for "Alive", which can now be seen below. 

The sound of Portraits glides from nostalgic to dramatic moments, all dressed with the strident electronic layers and the glimpse of string sections. The record is a series of imaginary stories that emerge from the Mexican duo experience as Hong Kong residents. 

Portraits was released on March 9th, in self-release format and you can stream/buy the album here.

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