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Fenster - "HBW" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

© Simon Menges
Today, we present you the most recent effort from the band Fenster. The psych-heads from Berlin, Germany, are about to release their fourth album, called The Room, on September 14th. As an appetizer, they are revealing their most recent single called "HBW" for the world to behold. The record itself was tracked in a house in Tuscany, Italy, and was then mastered by Josh Bonati, who has mastered all albums from Mac Demarco, for example. 

The song "HBW" has a rather other-wordly vibe to it overall, with the singer JJ Weihl demonstrating the full extent of her monotonic - almost deadpan - charm, and the keyboard getting more and more spacey as the song progresses. Surprisingly, it can even be somewhat reminiscent of a more minimalistic post-punk sound, due to its effective monolithic rhythm session. This single is a very strong start to the promotional campaign regarding The Room, due to its simple, yet catchy nature to it. 

As for its video clip, it seems like it came out from some old VHS format, with footage of the band roaming through the Valley of Fire, in the state of Nevada. From there, things get weirder and weirder, with various animated geometrical solids and scribblings adding to said footage (and the overall feel of hallucination), and at the end, that sentiment reaches its climax as the members get teleported to an unknown parallel world where there is no rules to what is happening. 

The Room is set to be released on 14th September, under the label of Altin Village & Mine.

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