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STREAM: Blume Attempt - Just Like You EP [Threshold Premiere]

Blume Attemptthe artistic identity of the Spanish artist based in Leipzig (Germany), Javier Vivancos - is a name that you surely won't forget over the next years. After a first EP under the Banned in Vegas label (Perpetual, 2016), he is now back to the scene with the first record through Hedonic Reversal seal, their second short-length Just Like You, a record where modern electronic experimental music interweaves with strong influences of the late 80's industrial music, in four tracks that are worth your attention (especially if you are fans of The Soft MoonNine Inch Nails, and Trent Reznor's work). 

About Just Like You, Javier Vivancos told us that he recorded the EP between December of 2016 and June 2017 and that "The whole EP is full of this details, some more obvious and others less (...) You can dive into your imagination with the names of the tracks. It's important to me make people feel part of the listening tracks". He also added that "For me, one inspiration was brought it back with that particular sound, that made me dive into music years ago" and that "the artwork was made by Miguel Sueiro and it fits really really well, that window, that guy, that mirror...". You can discover this amazing piece of music, Just Like You, in an exclusive stream below. We highly recommend the tracks "Seed (D.D.)" and "Youth".

Just Like You is out this Friday, June, 8th via Hedonic Reversal. You can buy the album here

On September Blume Attempt will be playing live in Berlin in a place yet to be disclosed. Stay tuned into his Facebook Page to catch the details.

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