quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2018

STREAM: Ele Ypsis - Linga Dei [Threshold Premiere]

Ele Ypsis is releasing their fourth album at the end of this week but you can listen to the whole masterpiece that this new Liga Dei is right now, accessing the stream below. With this new album, Ele Ypsis would like to be feared as much as Stravinsky's music in his days, and the truth is that they definitely transmit that, going even further. With a collection of eight songs, as we have already been used to since their first release EKSÜ (2013), this new album is just like poetry to our hears, their lovely compositions produced by Stélian Derenne conjugated with the apotheosis vocals from Laure Le Prunenec suddenly lead us to the landscapes of chaos within such harmonious structures that can't even be described with words.

There's this initial classical approach in singles such as "Oro" and "Enso", but just when we get used to it, Ele Ypsis manage to deconstruct the whole thing into a boom of feelings and lots of energy. And then there's the real one, "Turmali", that song that possesses you even if you don't want to. But that's nothing compared to what "Linga Dei" has prepared for you. This Linga Dei is like we've been on a tour to baroque's epoche with Ele Ypsis driving us through their abyssal wonderful avant-garde music. 

Linga Dei is out this Friday, September 21st. Stream it below and make sure to pre-order it here.

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