quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2018

STREAM: Fenster - The Room [Threshold Premiere]

German psychedelic pop band Fenster is about to release their fourth album The Room, which is also their first record under the Altin Village & Mine label, next week worldwide. The record, which has in total ten tracks of pure cosmic bliss, was recorded at Redroom Studios in Italy, and produced in New York City by Josh Bonati, who has also mastered all of Mac DeMarco's albums thus far, for example.

As Fenster shows in this record, their sonic identity is a hymn of minimalistic finesse in constant evolution that is filtered through a spacey psychedelic voyage. Its rhythmic work shows their krautrock heritage, and due to the use of other things such as their disco-influenced grooves, their vibrant music never skimps on its playfulness and dynamism.

The Room is set to be released on September 14th, through Altin Village & Mine.

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