terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2018

STREAM: Salopecia - Meanderthal [Threshold Premiere]

Salopecia started in 2013, in a loud and short show, when the artist Robin Jiro Margerin performed in a tiny gallery space. The multidisciplinary artist born in San Francisco moved to Paris at age 19 to study at the Beaux Arts. During his years in Paris, he has developed a multi-disciplinary set of projects ranging from his personal visual arts practice, organizing collective exhibitions, running artist-run spaces, storytelling, amateur horticulture, relationship advice, not selling drugs and electronic music.

In 2018, there's time for Meanderthal, a thirteen song record that wanders through a schizophrenic jumble of groves that consistently meld the odd with the familiar. Genres are lumped together like so many single-stemmed flowers; the balance achieved is fragile but holding, always with eletronic elements in the matrix. While on late-night rambles, Salopecia breathes little songs into his telephone, something between mantras and shopping-lists, which he then samples and douses with syncopated rhythms and synthetic grit. One can hear the influence of 90’s Bay Area hip hop like E-40 or the Hieroglyphics, some of the sweet abstraction of artists from the Anticon label, with a taste of the absurd pastiche of Ween, for example. 

Meanderthal is out this Friday, September 28th, via the Parisian label Johnkôôl Records in digital and USB flash drive limited edition. Stream it below and make sure to pre-order it here.

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