sexta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2018

Flieder - "Paria" (video) [Threshold Premiere]


Swiss post-rock band Flieder has released their most recent effort in the form of the single and music video, "Paria", released through Red Brick Chapel. The music video was directed by Daniel Rutz and can now be watched below.

Operating within the post-rock genre, the band goes on a ethereal trip in this track, that takes them to the confines of the cosmos, playing with various leftfield electronic sounds and having an unexpected, yet still discrete, childlike wonder, equivalent to that of a child who's watching the starry sky for the first time. However, the electric part still makes itself heard, sounding more and more triumphant and epic as the song goes by, even in its calmer parts. In the music video, we see the band venturing through the universe, witnessing experiences of the boundless kind, and finding an outward creature, who they take along with themselves for a sort of guys night out.

As of now, the band has two records, eins and Passing By, and you can keep up to their newest developments, by accessing their website or through their bandcamp and Facebook.

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