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STREAM: Big'n - Knife of Sin [Threshold Premiere]

Big'n are not exactly superstars in the post-hardcore scene, but they still managed to combine the quintessential elements of the genre. With a bittersweet career which started in 1990, they would part ways in 1997 with two full-lengths on their record. Luckily, Todd Johnson decided to get married in 2001, which led the band to consider a reunion, which (presumably) led to the 2011 EP Spare the Horses, a brand new punch-in-the-stomach to show that no hiatus could rust this "semi-well-oiled machines". 

Nonetheless, this comeback was not enough to get them touring again - a couple of dates in 2011 and 2013 was all they could muster. Apparently all hope was lost for Big'n fans until November 16th, 2018 (7 years later their last record, for all of you keeping track), the day that Chicago's very own Big'n release their brand new Knife of Sin, a kick-in-the-chin (a comparable feeling to a punch-in-the-stomach) that few can pack. Sure, we have had a good number of very good post-hardcore releases this year - IDLES, Cloud Nothings, Birds In Row and Rolo Tomassi, to name a few. But we will dare to say that Big'n have catapulted themselves from their 7-year sleep into a rightful place for an excellent year for the genre. 

Along 6 tracks, the quartet hailing from Prison City superimpose Jesus Lizard and Shellac (no surprises there, Knife of Sin was recorded by none other than Steve Albini himself) with no apparent regard for any limiter or amplifier, while also harnessing some of those stop-and-go rhythms from Helmet. The noise rock/post-hardcore group has lost some of its math-y complexity from their earlier days, but their sound is as tight as ever. If you feel like giving your ears a run for their money via (very nicely done) angry shouting and dissonant instrumentals, Knife of Sin is more than adequate and will for sure catch the attention of any traditional post-hardcore fans.

You can now listen to the full album below and pre-order the album here. Enjoy.

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