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Helium Horse Fly - "Hapiness" (single) [Threshold Premiere]

Helium Horse Fly is getting close to release Hollowedtheir new album through Dipole Experiment Records. Hollowed will be available in CD, LP and digital formats in January and as far as we can tell from their new single, "Happiness", we are in for yet another formidable release.

The last few years have been great for music. In particular, we have seen the curious and long-awaited revival of an old-school breed of noise rock that merges post-hardcore and no-wave - it would be impossible to not mention Daughter's hyper-hyped You Won't Get What You WantKEN Mode's Loved or The Armed's masterpiece Only Love. On that same note of powerful dissonant bands, Helium Horse Fly, a Belgian group that is incredibly hard to define - imagine combining a demented (the good kind of demented) opera with a full-fronted assault of beautiful heavy riff magic - will soon be releasing Hollowed and we can already tell that we will be hearing about them. 

Threshold Magazine brings a Portugal exclusive debut with their new single, "Happiness", released on December 14th, which should be enough to get a lot of noise rock fans hyped for their album. Hollowed was recorded by Xavier Dromard, produced by Stéphane Dupont and Xavier Dromard and mastered by Brian Lucey, whose past work features names such as Ghost, David Lynch and Marilyn Manson. You can preorder Hollowed here.

Hollowed is out due January, 18th through Dipole Experiment Records.

Hollowed Tracklist:

01. Happiness 
02. In A Deathless Spell 
03. Algeny 
04. Progeny 
05. Monochrome 
06. Shelter

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