quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2018

TH/S /S SH/T - "///" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

© Sebastien Houis

"///" is the first single from the second EP by French trio TH/S /S SH/T. Based in Paris, the band pulls inspiration across counterculture artistic movements, far from today’s mainstream conventions, providing timeless yet overwhelmingly efficient compositions. If one listens closely to their sound, which is augmented with an innovative set-up, the last borders between rock and electronic music become blurred, and once on stage that energy becomes a surging stroboscope of sound, trance, and improvisations. 

The music video is a reflection on drug excesses and the ability of the human being to swallow everything we give him to swallow. A young woman has a negative diagnosis of her condition and has prescribed a drug that she has difficulty taking because it is a drug among many others. She will finally choose the simplest solution: just follow the most natural path to free herself.

// EP was released on December, 6th through Upton Park and Distribution IDOL. You can visit the band's website here and buy or play their new EP here.

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