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Distant Stars - "Robots (Do It Better)" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

The French-Australian duo Distant Stars is the definitive proof that is possible to live between kilometers of distance and still embark on a transglobal songwriting project, without any language constraints. After having presented their debut album, The Ways Things Work, in March last year, Muriel Annic and Richard Payne are back with a New EP now presented through a colorful-thermic music video for the title track "Robots (Do It Better)" (previously integrated into Detonic Recordings' compilation Minimum Viable Product). 

Distant Stars aboard both primal, sophisticated and exploitative sounds. Through a minimalist aesthetic, a retro aura, sharp vocals, and dense sonic layers, in this new single Distant Stars guide us between some light environments while exploring darker themes as the robotization process in nowadays society. The video for "Robots (Do It Better)" can now be watched in premiere, below.

Robots (Do It Better) EP is out due 15th January via Detonic Recordings.

Robots (Do It Better) EP Tracklist:

01. Robots (Do It Better)
02. New Ways To Noise
03. Burst
04. Frameless Interface
05. Je Dis Rien

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