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Wrekmeister Harmonies and Prairie in another Weyrd Son Records' night

After having promote some of the hottest nights in Brussels with names such as HIDE, SURE, THOT or KOBAN among the guests, the Belgian label Weyrd Son Records is back this year with two concerts scheduled for the next February 1, 2019, where Wrekmeister Harmonies and Prairie will be making the ceremonies of the night, in Madame Mustache. 

Wrekmeister Harmonies, whose work is often based upon literature and is someway associated with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, will present in Brussels their latest studio album, The Alone Rush (2018, Thrill Jockey Records) which is also the first as the core duo of JR Robinson and Esther Shaw. The Alone Rush was composed when Robinson and Shaw moved to Oregon, after a period of tragedy in the life of both, with two main objectives: healing their psychic wounds and composing. Throughout six singles, which include deep meditation on death and isolation, Wrekmeister Harmonies show us their emotional heft without the orchestrated bombast of their previous four albums.

The opening of the stage will be in charge of Prairie, the solo project of Marc Jacobs, which will act with Grégoire Fray (THOT) as a guest musician. In Madame Mustache, Prairie will create a soundtrack that reflects his interest exploring the cinematic landscape through field recordings and an exploratory and cutting-edge electronic that features his most recent release, After the Flash Flood (2018). A gig that promises to be engaging as well as psychologically dense. 

The concerts are scheduled for 8 PM and the entrances, available only at the door, cost €10. All the additional information can be found here.

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