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GINA ÉTÉ - "Mauern" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Gina Été is a pop artist perfectly aligned with the degenerated no-flying-car future. As a multi-instrumentalist, she splits her talent across piano and viola, while singing in four different languages, making her the ideal artist to globalize her own politically influenced lyrics. 

Even though pop is the label she places herself under, Gina Été's pop is not immediately perceptible - it is hidden beneath interesting and complex compositions that transmite violence and fragility, keeping up with a voice that is equal parts melody and strictness - Été invites you in, but she also pushes you away, keeping all listeners on the edge of their seats to know what is coming next.

In Mauer, the first single of four musics recorded in San Francisco, this is no exception - electric guitar, double bass and drums combine to form an elaborate chaos microcosmos. Gine Été transmites a feeling of true peculiar familiarity, joining catchy melodies and a unique sense of revelry. 

With a sound that combines The Mars Volta and Radiohead, Mauern's videoclip portrays the travels of a man who has to abandon his country to embark on a journey he could not fathom. Both directores, Joel Olmedo (México) and Juan Jacobo del Castillo (Colombia) were responsible for Mauern's powerful visual aspect, using journalistic material from the Mexican border. It is no surprise that Mauern means walls - the same walls that Gina wants to shake with her powerful combination of song and videoclip.

Watch Gina Été's videoclip for Mauern below.

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