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Portrayal of Guilt in interview: "It's an honor to be a part of this festival (Amplifest)"

Portrayal of Guilt is an american hardcore punk/screamo band formed in Austin (Texas). Right now they are in a tour with Touché Amoré and Deafheaven, with whom they will play at Amplifest next weekend

They make their Portugal debut on the Amplifest stage, still in the aftermath of the buzz and admiration generated by their debut album Let Pain Be Your Guide - a record that, paying a nostalgic tribute to the nineties screamo, rejuvenates it influenced by post-punk, industrial, among others. This debut, which is expected to be memorable, is scheduled for October 13, on the Oitava Colina Stage. 

We had the opportunity to ask them a few quick questions between shows ahead of the festival (via e-mail), and here is the result.

Threshold Magazine (TM) - Hello there! It's a pleasure to talk with you guys. Have any of you ever been to Portugal? Do you know any bands/musicians from here?

Portrayal of Guilt (PoG) - No, this is our first time in Portugal. We’re happy to finally make it out there. And we do not know much about the portuguese music scene.

TM - Are you guys looking foward to Amplifest? Did you already know the festival?

PoG - Absolutely. It’s an honor to be a part of this festival. We’d only learned about it this year, but are very excited and appreciative nonetheless.

TM - Which bands are you most curious to play with/see at the festival?

PoG - We’re stoked to see Inter Arma and Pelican on the date we play.

TM - You've got a new EP and a brand new split with Soft Kill. What else can we expect this year?

PoG - We have another split in the works and will be writing for another full-length once we return from this tour.

TM - Which bands/artists have influenced you guys the most?

PoG - Countless. Hard to name one.

TM - You are currently on an European tour with Touché Amoré and Deafheaven. What's it like sharing the stage with these two great bands?

PoG - It’s incredible. We’ve been fans of both bands for years, so it is very cool to be able to tour with them, especially here in Europe.

TM -  Do you think the screamo scene is getting more and more fans?

PoG - Hopefully.

TM -  Can you tell us which albums have you enjoyed the most the were released this year?

PoG - Cloud Rat’s Pollinator is probably my favorite album to come out this year so far.

TM -  Any emerging bands from Texas that you can recommend us?

PoG - Street Sects, Total Abuse, Three Rose Charm, Skeleton.

TM -  Thanks, guys. See you very soon!

Be sure to check out their latest EP Suffering Is A Gift and don't miss them: 5 PM on the Oitava Colina Stage.

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