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EMU - "Spbarqz Crostino" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

The Italian eccentric project EMU is getting ready to release a new full-length but before they reveal the additional details there's a new stunning single ready to listen to. "Spbarqz Crostino" is the first advance of their second studio album that will hit the shelves next year. Entering within the contemporary electronic scene with spatial, immersive and clearly challenging music from the listener's point of view, EMU released last year their first studio album, EMU, a set of eleven songs focused on sound design and all the artistic aspects that surround the basis of the sound. Now they are back ready to conquer your attention with the new "Spbarqz Crostino" theme.

Before considering them as a musical project EMU prefers to be seen as sound designers considering the fact that their compositions include the entire process from collecting sounds to jarring construction of weird tunes totally out of the box. The result is an immersive universe full of magical elements and outstanding production. These guys really know what they are doing. 

About the new video, EMU explains on its own words:
"the concept on which we based the video it was actually purely aesthetic, trying to figure how we could arrange in few shots something beautiful. In particular, we like the shots of the rose and the ones of the river. Opposite to this feeling of suspense, there are the scenes of the barrels being hit or the piano hammer in the fast part."
You can check by yourself watching the new video for "Spbarqz Crostino" first-hand below.

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