sexta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2019

LOVATARAXX - "Prostration" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Two years after Kairos, the French duo LOVATARAXX is back with a new piece of darkwave and electro post-punk at its best, Hébéphrénie. Inspired by great acts of the 80's and 70's like Fad Gadget, Minimal Compact, Tuxedomoon, Suicide or Kas Product LOVATARAXX manage to offer us a vibe that can be powerful and kind of "a call to action" but also monochromatic and nostalgic. In the Hébéphrénie they make it clear with both addictive and contemplative songs ready to catch you at a first-listen.

Released this month, the official debut album of the band is comprised of eleven songs where you can find mesmerizing themes as it is the case of "Prostration", premiered today through a new music video. In the audiovisual for "Prostration" we can watch a strange mix of scattered footages that together explore the metamorphosis of bodies and emotions. It shows characters seeking for an Ideal far away from the Kafkaesque and absurd world around them. Watch it first-hand below.

Hébéphrénie was released in November, 1st through Uknown Pleasures Records and it is available in CD and digital. You can buy your copy here.

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