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Mnemotechnic - "Leak The Civilians" [Threshold Premiere]

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The french noise-rockers Mnemotechnic are still working on the promotion of their newest release, Blinkers, this time through a new music video for the theme "Leak The Civilians". Blinkers speaks about Anthropocene and denial topics while digs deeper towards textures, noises, and sharp visceral mechanical sounds that can amaze if you're open to that kind of feelings.

Founded in 2009 Mnemotechnic brings an experimental mesh of industrial sounds with the typical atmospheres of noise-rock creating an environment full of dark fog, heavy drums and a duality between accelerated and smooth rhythms. In their third record - Blinkers Mnemotechnic offers us a trip to their crazy dynamic world inviting us to stay there. The new music video for "Leak The Civilians" raises the question about why humanity has always been trying to move away from Nature and can be watched first-hand below. 

Blinkers was released on October 11th through À tant Rêver du Roi and Kerviniou Recordz. You can buy your copy here.

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