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Camilla Sparksss - "Are You Ok? Fakear Remix" (single) [Threshold Premiere]

© Philippe Mazzoni

Camilla Sparksss - the alter ego of singer/songwriter Barbara Lehnhoff - released last year a very interesting album. Titled Brutal, the 9-track LP suddenly catch our attention by its creative mix of themes inspired by the fusion of different musical genres such as pop, experimental electronics, lo-fi, between others. Brutal was one of the editions that marked 2019 and Camilla Sparksss is making it shining again through a dedicated remix album.

Brutal Remix is a collection of 16 remixes that includes tracks by fifteen different artists from a vast variety of genres, ranging from experimental noise to dance music. This Friday (January, 10th) you can listen in an exclusive premiere the first extraction from the new record, "Are You Ok?" theme, which is remixed by the electronic French producer Fakear. In the new treatment, Fakear pushes the bass to high standards and add a catchy rhythm that will make you forget about sadness portrayed in our existence. A single to dance until it is finished.

Brutal Remix is out on February, 21st via On The Camper Records. You can pre-order the album here.

Brutal Remix Tracklist:

01. Are You Ok? — Fakear 
02. Womanized — Rebeka Warrior 
03. Messing With You — Bit Tuner 
04. PsychoLover — Vadim Vernay 
05. Messing With You — Mike Mare (Dalek) 
06. Sorry — Vadim Vernay 
07. So What — Xelius 
08. Womanized — Sonoplasta 
09. Walt Deathney — Kevin Shea 
10. Forget — Monte Mai 
11. So What — Isolated Lines 
12. She's A Dream — Tam Bor 
13. So What — Toh Imago 
14. So What — Bitter Moon 
15. Are You Ok? — Texture Droite 
16. She Is A Dream — IUEKE


11.01.2020 – Rossli – Bern CH 
15.01.2020 – Eurosonic – Groningen NL 
16.01.2020 – Merleyn – Nijmegen NL 
17.01.2020 – Kaffe ’T Hof – Middelburg NL 
18.01.2020 – Trefpuntk – Ghent BE 
07.02.2020 – Neubad – Lucern CH 
08.02.2020 – One Of A Million Festival – Baden CH 
20.03.2020 – Ebullition – Bulle CH 
21.03.2020 – SAS – Delemont CH

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