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Saigon Blue Rain - "We Ask For Pain" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

The dark-pop French outfit Saigon Blue Rain keeps stimulating the waves of the underground scene with the promotion of their latest multifaceted Pink Obsession and is now premiering a new music video for the second single, "We Ask For Pain". Within a catchy ballad rhythm blistered by spontaneous drum machines, Saigon Blue Rain revives the dark spirit of the 80's and focuses their attention on spreading a strong message behind the existential sadness approached in the lyrics. As the band explains on the press-release,
"We Ask For Pain is a critical of the way most of us are still living whereas we are all conscious of the current state of emergency we are drowning in. Complaisance in futile pleasures overrides danger and most of us hopes for a better future without acting for it."
"We Ask For Pain" is now being painted over an intense audiovisual format that portrays three girls in the main role. The two young girls being the representation of recklessness and casualness and a woman in close-up (played by the singer Ophelia) the representation of awareness and willingness to embrace fate. In the middle a full story where violence is present and has become ordinary and insignificant. Be one of the first to watch the video for "We Ask For Pain", right below.

Pink Obsession, the third full-length of Saigon Blue Rain, was released in the 1st of May 2019 in CD and digital by Dichronaut Records. The release is a collection of nine artificial and sparkling neon songs, embedded with good surprises and diverse auras. You can stream the full album and buy your physical copy by clicking here.

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