STREAM: Stromboli – Ghosting [Threshold Premiere]

| Janeiro 22, 2020 10:09 am
Stromboli is the solo project of Nico Pasquini, an Italian noise artist and producer from Bologna whose compositions are based at the intersection of drone and the weavings of industrial music. 

With Stromboli, the debut EP released in 2015 by Maple Death Records, the project received honorable mentions from publications such as The Quietus, Decoder, 20JazzFunkGreats, and British music critic Simon Reynolds, who compared its music to the more isolationist period of the post-90’s rock. 

The producer’s first long-lasting album, Volume Uno, arrived two years later and brought a more destructive sound from industrial ancestry, where the grain and texture of the ambient composition join to the chaos of the brutalist electronics. 

In 2020, Stromboli returns for its sophomore album, this time on Berlin-based label Oltrarno Recordings. Ghosting, the Italian’s new album, represents both part of Nico Pasquini‘s daily life “and the struggle between earthly and unearthly forces”. Produced between the summer of 2018 and the spring of 2019, Ghosting presents another collection of dashing and disconcerting compositions, full of aerial synthesizers and ominous atmospheres that cohabit with the strength and opulence of the rhythmic pulsars. 

The album is available both online and on tape next Friday, January 24th (pre-order it here) and can be now streamed in advance below.