JE T’AIME – “The Sound” She Pleasures HerSelf Remix (video) [Threshold Premiere]

| Fevereiro 14, 2020 8:51 am

JE T’AIME – the new addictive scream of modern post-punk – is back. Almost a year after putting out its astonishing debut LP, the French galvanizing outfit is releasing today a new remix EP titled en négatif – REMIXES, as a celebration to Valentine’s Day. For those who don’t know, JE T’AIME has been growing like fire between de underground European musical scenario since the release of Je T’Aime (2019, Icy Cold Records/Manic Depression), an album that is raw, dirty, controversial, but highly addictive and incredible, just like love. 

en négatif – REMIXES contains a total of five tracks signed by four contemporary names in the darkwave scene: She Pleasures HerSelf, Ash Code, Zus and Ambassador 21. In the album you can find new interpretations for tracks such as “The Sound”, “Dance” and “Hide & Seek”. To celebrate the release of this new EP, JE T’AIME is also premiering today a new version for the original “The Sound” music video, in which both theme and video are remixed by She Pleasures HerSelf. JE T’AIME‘s singer Dany Boy explains why did they choose the Portuguese quartet to inaugurate the guest list:

In this first chapter, we invited David Wolf, producer of She Pleasures HerSelf, who are on the same label as us, Manic Depression. They’re coming from Portugal and we like their sound and universe which are quite close to ours. In addition to making us this remix David also offered us a revision of our first video clip of this song, crazy guys“.

Regarding en négatif – REMIXES, the singer Dany Boy continues the story:

We’ve always liked to hear remixes made by other artists. I can still remember the pleasure I had listening to remixed albums like Noir Désir‘s One Trip One Noise and Massive Attack‘s No Protection for a long time. (…) The second band invited on this project is Ash Code, an Italian trio that produces a darkwave sound that we like very much.  I met them briefly on the NCN Festival in 2018 when I was doing the sound for Saigon Blue Rain. Ambassador21 is a Belarusian band of pure industrial music in which Crazy Z. plays guitar. Lovely and passionate people who love to party as much as we do. And to finish we offer you two remixes by Zus, an extremely talented Versailles friend, he is notably the guitarist of Chenille, a crazy French experimental metal band.”

en négatif – REMIXES is being released this Friday (February 14th). You can buy and stream the full piece by clicking here.