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Old Time Relijun - "We Start The Fire" (single) [Threshold Premiere]

The chameleonic American outfit Old Time Relijun has reunited after a 10-year hiatus period and is now back to scene with some exciting news: a brand new album is being cooked and a tour around Europe is being prepared, which will also be their first in Europe in the last 12 years. The tour also celebrates the 25th anniversary of Old Time Relijun's date of formation.

To celebrate the fact this Wednesday the Washington-based trio is premiering the first new outcome from the upcoming album, expected to hit the shelves in the Fall. Titled "We Start The Fire" the new single explores an experimental and groovy jelly with catchy tunes and eclectic instrumentation, and is conducted over an entertaining voice work bringing to memory the LCD Soundsystem leader, James Murphy. "We Start The Fire" shows us a little bit of the mark that Old Time Relijun has been working out over the years giving us a sweaty, compulsively danceable track ready to be consumed in a loop.

If you are interested in getting to know how they sound live and in case you are living in the roots of Europe, make sure to catch them in your favorite city!


April 16 Milano (IT), Serraglio 
April 17 Verona (IT), Kroen 
April 18 Ivrea (IT), ZAC 
April 19 Bologna (IT), Freakout 
April 21 Madrid (ES), Wurlitzer Ballroom 
April 22 Lyon (FR), Le Sonic 
April 23 Schaffhausen (CH), Taptab 
April 25 Paris (FR), Gare XP 
April 26 Cherbourg (FR), L’autre Lieu 
April 28 Liverpool (U.K.), Kazimier Stockroom 
April 29 London (U.K.), PinUps 
April 30 Lille (FR), La Malterie 
May 1 Bruxelles (BE), Magasin 4 
May 2 Leffinge (BE), Café De Zwerver 
May 3 Mannheim (DE), Brandherd 
May 5 Halle (DE), Hünermanhattan 
May 7 Prague (CZ), 007 
May 8 Vienna (AT), Klanggalerie 
May 9 Nova Gorica (SLO), Mostovna 
May 10 Padova (IT), Centro d’Arte

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