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Vivien Le Fay - "Ecchymosis" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

The Neapolitan artist Vivien Le Fay is back with new visuals for "Ecchymosis", the fourth track taken from her latest studio album Ecolalia. Emerging from the magma of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, Vivien Le Fay's work has a big focus on the sound and non-musical form with a free approach that doesn't stand in any particular "school". With a curriculum contemplating diverse experiences around genres such as noise, hardcore music or orthodox new wave, in Ecolalia Vivien Le Fay explores a whole new generation of electronics woven by sound design and experimental aesthetics. All of this within a core constructed under a mantle of avant-garde sensitivity.

"Ecchymosis" is being premiered today through a music video directed by the visual artist Sara Bonaventura where she intertwines frame by frame drawn/cut-out animation or stop motion, video synthesis, analog/digi shot, found-footage, embracing a DIY ethic and aesthetic. The video fits perfectly the sound staring by showing us the very beginning of something through some frames of what is looking like a cell. The footages start to get blur into a colorful artwork that suddenly changes their appearance as soon as the rhythms in the music take a different path, displaying us some random pictures of eyes.

The final message is up to you to solve. But you can check the video to get some hints.

Ecolalia - the debut album from Vivien Le Fay - was released on October 25th in vinyl and digital through the italian label Boring Machines. You can stream the full album and purchase your copy here

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