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Bärlin - "Black Heart" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

© Florent Bibaut

In less than a month the magical aura of Bärlin's music is receiving a new chapter. Today, to low down the anxiety that prevails since they released the astonishing "The Dust Of Our Dreams", the French rock-fusion outfit is premiering another magical landscape in a form of a music video for the charismatic single "Black Heart". In a video that mixes footages of the band playing with some green-orange ambiances, the new single makes evident that even a black heart can be full of colorful emotions and enriched by full experiences that want to be shared with other's hearts.

The clarinet has always been a distinct element in the sentimental aura of Bärlin's work. The way they inject those sensitive and memorable notes in a music world that, in a way, also conjures the catastrophic sensations of being, made they became one of the most interesting acts to get loose on. They have shown it already live - when frozen us with their outstanding performance at the goth festival - and keep exploring that sensation in the studio, with the new single "Black Heart". 

Bärlin's music atmosphere is enriched with some of the most minimal but still stunning elements they create by fusing jazz with rock in order to entice the listener. The result is a charming environment that works around time's exploration, the contrast between keen and grievous vocals and a musical sensitivity not easily overlooked. You can catch that essence by checking the new "Black Heart" single below. The video was directed by Steve Ollagnier of Les 87 Revanchards.

The Dust Of Our Dreams is set to release on March, 27th. The album will be released in vinyl and CD and you can pre-order your copy here.

Bärlin will be back in Portugal on September 26th in order to play the fourth edition of Post-Punk Strikes Back Again, a two-day festival happening in the city of Porto. You can find additional information here.

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