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JE T'AIME - "Merry-Go-Round" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

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There are bands that born to conquer your heart and make part of your life at a specific time. Some of them will stay and accompany your future and others will just teach you an important lesson and will be later replaced by a suitable sonority. JE T'AIME is one of those bands for us but applying the first case scenario. We fell in love with them since the release of their outstanding debut album and we still feel passionate today about their rousing attitude, almost a year after the born of their first child, JE T'Aime. Since then they have brought us light in such a chaotic world and created a beautiful bond with us to the point we are once again premiering one of its videos, this time for the fueled song "Merry-Go-Round". It may sound really ironic that we fell in love with a band called JE T'AIME but life always surprises you when you are less expecting it to happen so.

It was almost a year ago - weeks before the release of JE T'Aime - that we had this wonderful opportunity to share with the world their catchy video for "Dance" (which you can watch in here), and since that time JE T'AIME just created an ignition point into our whole new vision that there are still bands out there that care for the listeners and the people prior to their fame and recognition. They never wanted to go mainstream and they always stayed true to their persona, giving to the world what they most enjoy doing: to create absolutely addictive sounds to needy souls. It's impossible not to fall in love with a band when they do everything so genuinely and ask for nothing in return, except for our honest opinion and enjoyment (if that's the case applied).

Within the tracklist of JE T'AIME's debut album (which we were also fortunate to present in this dedicated article here), there was this song that instantaneously caught our attention, "Merry-Go-Round". "Merry-Go-Round" - as JE T'AIME has previously explained to us - is a tribute song that they wrote to pay tribute to a close friend, Gregory Wronski, who committed suicide in 2018. According to the band "He was an extremely intelligent and talented person who did not love humanity. (...) It's a bit of a gap in the story we're telling, but at the same time this theme remains very close to the universe we're describing in this album. "Merry-Go-Round", a series of similar activities that can often seem boring."

Though in the new music video for "Merry-Go-Round" JE T'AIME decided not to create screenwriting about his story, they are now composing a new painting of their powerful sound interpreted in a lighted room that gains contrast by their vigorous dark and keen appearance. In a full picture that indeed brings to a visible spectrum the astonishing dark thoughts living inside our beautiful and healthy bodies, when suffering from depression, self-loathing, or another kind of distorted perception through life, JE T'AIME reliefs the grief with an extremely danceable vibe. If you haven't checked the official premiere on their Facebook page a few minutes ago, we are now proud to give it to you below:

Je T'Aime was released on May 13th through the labels Icy Cold Records and Many Depression Records in both CD and vinyl versions. Buy your copy here before it runs out. 

The band is also composing its second album, in which the composition process has been shown within their social networks. Make sure to follow them on Facebook (here) or Instagram (here).

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