Bad Pritt – “The Ghost In My Bed” Radu RMX (video) [Threshold Premiere]

| Julho 31, 2020 10:25 am

Almost two years after releasing its debut homonymous album, Bad Pritt strikes again to give “The Ghost In My Bed” a new life. Invited to feature the remix compilation HURRY UP! VOL​.​1 – a collection of 19 singles made of names from the Italian music scene in which profits will revert to an ONG –  Bad Pritt summoned Radu Kakarath to give the original piece of sound a new mood and vision. The result is a remix song that clearly gains prominence in the compilation due to its aesthetic approach widely divergent from the other included themes, which is now having its videoclip premiered below.

Within an album that was born to create powerful sounds portraying a denoted human essence based on a composition built around technological arrangements, Luca Marchetto (The White Mega Giant) – the man behind Bad Pritt‘s mask – selected the opening theme “The Ghost In My Bed”  in order to contribute to this project through a more psychologically dense approach.  Radu makes up the whole thing however he has chosen to input layers not so cushions, which in the ends does not disguise the virtuosity already present in the original track. The video for “The Ghost In My Bad” (Radu RMX) is now evading the platforms with a music video that promises to keep you in a good shape for the lasting days of summer. Watch it first-hand below.

“The Ghost In My Bad” (Radu RMX) is taken from the compilation HURRY UP! VOL​.​1 released at the beginning of the month. The remix single is officially released this Friday (31st of July) via The Orchad. You can listen to and support the project here.