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Bling Rodent - "No Driver" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Bling Rodent - "No Driver" (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Camouflaged between a sweet dream wave and a curious dark-pop environment, Bling Rodent is starting a route that is expected to be smooth but prosperous. After making their debut this month, with Constant Smile EP, the Swedish group keeps creating a surrounding buzz and it is now releasing their first promotional video for "No Driver". 

In the new theme, the group easily arrest the listener for the sound catharsis it creates, when they transform the restful beginning into a vigorous and immense dimension of energy. Those rhythm breaks give not only a dynamic aura to their work, but also offer a more pleasant musical experience. Constant Smile may be their first effort and even though it presents itself as a work loaded with nostalgic and decadent tones, it is in the luminous beauty of pop music - strongly present in the vocal domain - that Bling Rodent manages to seduce the listener.

In the opening song of Constant Smile Bling Rodent goes lo-fi and explains those different sensations in the music - the contemplative vs the pragmatic part - with two different video shots. If the walking route and the contemplation of the surrounding space are valued initially, after the first minute the band brutally makes us incorporate the profile of a fearless driver. The two cuts are interposed according to those two dimensions, over time. The video for "No Driver" is being premiered this Friday (27th of November) and can be watched first-hand below.

Constant Smile was mixed and mastered by Ruben Engzell (Ossler, Christian Kjellvander, Iris Viljanen, EPs Trailerpark) and released on the 13th of November in digital format by the French label Icy Cold Records. You can get a free download here and here.

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